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At ATMHAIR, we have perfected the sew in hair extension technique that not only make you look great, but maintains the healthiness of your hair and scalp.  The sew-in extension technique is done by creating a pattern of braids on your head with your own hair using the cornrow method.  Each of our finely braided  bases for our sew-ins are uniquely created for your hair  individual needs, including balding-hairloss,thinning areas, minimal hair line tension,or maybe you simply want to add a little fullness or length to your own hair no matter how devastating you think your hair may be~ We Change Lives!  Wefted hair is then sewn onto your braids, cut, and styled to achieve a natural looking realistic and glamorous look.

Hair care has to be  focal to any sew in. If you’re ultimate goal is  to grow your hair or you have broken frontal hairs ,  often times  we may recommended that you have a full closure hair extension install.  This means none of your hair will be left out.  This method  keeps the hair growing at the same rate and it can be used as a protective style when temple and bang hairs need a rehab rest from heat or chemicals.  Using too much heat can lead the hair that’s left out becoming broken and shorter due to heat damage. At All that & More Hair, we educate our clients in heat-free maintenance strategies and provide them the absolute best in thermal protectant products and tools to maintain a healthy sew-in.  If you are interested in a consultation, or would like to book your appointment, please call 678-663-5298 Ask for Ms. Kia, she will introduce you to options you may never known exist.