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Are you a woman suffering from thinning hair? Women experiencing hair loss may feel devastated, helpless, & unattractive. If you do feel this way, you're certainly not alone as 30million women are suffering from hair loss in America. Call Us Learn More
The best way to find out which of Atm Custom Hair Extension or Hair Replacement procedure is right for you is to meet with an experienced AT&M Creative Counselor. A typical consultation takes about 20 minutes. During that time, a counselor will help you identity your level hair extension desires or level of hair loss and suggest treatments and/or products that are right for you. If you are interested in pursuing a Non-surgical hair restoration procedure, you will be introduced to a AT&M hair doctor who can provide more information about an individual plan for you. This initial consultation is $50 & will go towards the cost of your service. We look forward to meeting all your haircare needs. You may call us 678-663-5298 or schedule your appointment now. View all our Coupons